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Playing the bagpipes or drums is a rewarding, yet challenging hobby.  The band is made up of a pipe corps (bagpipers), Drum corps (snare drummers, tenor drummers, bass drummer) and a Drum Major (leads the band in parades and street marches).  Many of our members have learnt to play from previous and current members of Ipswich Thistle.  Visit our "Learn bagpipes and drums" page for information about learning to play.

Donald MacSween - President
Katrina Stead - Secretary
Craig Adcock - Treasurer

Pipe Corps
Donald MacSween - Pipe Major
Katrina M Stead - Pipe Sergeant
Alwyn Clarke
Sean Stead
Richard Forbes

Drum Corps
Callum MacSween - Drum Sergeant
Craig Adcock- Drum Corporal
James Grant
Brett Playford

Bass Section
Helen Miller
Kate Anderson
Christine McRoberts

Hugh Miller Drum Major